Business Benefits

In addition to eliminating cash management as an obstacle, there are key advantages in converting to Elite Member Prepaid Visa® card for employers

Business Advantages

Benefits for Business Owners

As we know it, the success of any business depends heavily on keeping the employees satisfied. Receiving their compensation as quickly as possible is a crucial aspect that makes them happy to work for you. However, when it comes to the tips received from the customers, they usually have to wait for long.

It’s because, unlike in the past when customers used to pay the tip right away in cash, they now opt to pay either by credit or debit card, and the tip usually gets included in the bill. This puts both the employers and the employees in a fix. lets the merchants and business owners overcome this issue by providing each of the employees with a personalized ‘Prepaid Debit card’ to receive their tips every day. As a business owner, you can even get a line of credit, which will enable us to move funds directly to your employees’ debit card, making it highly convenient for you and your employees

Better Cash management
Full service customer support
Visa® Zero Liability protection
Ensure compliance with federal tip laws
User-friendly system similar to a POS system
Electronically deposit all employee wages and tips via the client portal
Monitor, analyze and collect reports for every step of the tip management process
Review and produce automated TRAC/TRDA reporting
Convert employees to direct deposit and eliminate the cost and time of printing paper checks.